1999 announcements

Info received on 9 Nov 1999, from Zaida <TravelWaves@aol.com>

A special larp set for May 14th, 2000. Welcomed to all across the globe. 4 night cruise including Larp, and a Masquerade Ball.

Info received on 29 Sep 1999, from Michael <Quistaria@aol.com>

I am looking for vampire players in the shawnee/OK city area, if anyone is interested give me a call at 405-275-2289 for information or e-mail me

Info received on 27 Sep 1999, from Soliataire <Soliataire@webtv.net>

Small group seeking online RP in IRC format. We have been playing for a couple of years together when I had to close our own room and rejoin the 'real world'. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to maintain our room and am looking for someplace that we can RP and have fun.
All characters in our group follow basic VtM rules; 15 freebies/7 pts in flaws, no age, no lower than 8th gen. Playing from any of the 13 clans/bloodlines... Would prefer non-freeform room, dice bot is available.
Small group consists of at least 4 past STs and up to 67 players (on current mailing list).
If you have what we are looking for, please email me at Soliataire@webtv.net
Thank you.

Info received on 15 Sep 1999, from the Chained One <CHAINED_1@excite.com>


Why go to a party for noa\rmals when you can hang with your friends, vampires, beast, and goths alike, at the most kikin ass party of the year: THE FIRST ANNUAL VAMPFEST!!!!!

The location will be posted later, but right now we know it will be here, in Milwaukee, Wis, on Dec. 31 1999.
It will most likely be locqted in an abondonned warehouse downtowm.
Presently we are working on gettins sponsers and acts from Roadrunner records (Type O Negetive, Obituary), Hot topic, and others.
This is a big thing, and I'd like to make it yearly. It will be worth the trip. Why go to New York to watch a big ball fall down, when you can listen to High Tech industrial and metal music all night long?! I have no idea. We're also working on getting two DJs from New york, who work at a club called Resurrection, to come here, and spin their industrial magic.

This is a darkfest only, no ravers. Pass it on!!!!!
Anyquestions, email me at Chained_1@excite.com

Info received on 15 Sep 1999, from Tina strawbridge <lamakie.mail@camalott.com>

I am wanting to start a V:tm group here in my town can anyone give me some information on how to do so.
It would be greatly appreciated

Info received on 29 Aug 1999, from Philipe Lévis <nlapoint@rocler.qc.ca>

Mon existance est submergé dans les ténèbres depuis que j'ai perdu tout contact avec d'autre Kindreds... Je soufre de solitude et je ne sais ou trouver une table convenable dans une Camaria. Svp, aidez un pauvre damné a la recherche d'une identitée au sein d'une sociétée sur le net...

Info received on 29 Aug 1999, from Ally Braidner <A.BraidnerJohnston@tesco.net>

Does any one out there know if there are any LRP versions of any of the WOD games being ploayed in Ireland?

Info received on 25 Aug 1999, from Gerry........Ho San Pak-assimite-Archon <Glycerin002@aol.com>

Hello fellow gamers....Houston Tx here.... I am wondering how to get in an online game. I have yet to play online, but i've been gaming for about 4 years now...Vampire only.... I have a few charecters rolled up..neonates, and Elders. Pak is my Archon. I have sent him to Hell, Heaven, and is currently a daywalker. I have played him live action as well as tabletop. He has to be toned down for tabletop......Let me know asap......


Info received on 15 Aug 1999, from John Willis <paxmundi@mindspring.com>

Story tellers wanted for a fledgling WoD play by e-mail game. I need storytellers for the following spheres:

Interested parties can visit my web pages at www.mindpsing.com/~paxmundi

Info received on 6 Aug 1999, from Vampryess Diemon <Twiggy01@aol.com>

I live in Fairmont, WV and I'm looking to start a Vampire: The Maskquerade RPG. I'm almost 18 years old, but I'm very interested in starting my own RPG group for here in Northern Panhandle of WV. If your interested in joining please e-mail me! Thankz--^o^Vampyress Diemon^o^

Info received on 19 Jun 1999, from Conio <Cujomaster@aol.com>

I have a chronical set in Boston underway right now with two other players and are looking for others to join the troup. It takes place on America Online every Sunday. It is open to Camarilla and Independant clan characters. If anyone is interrested e-mail me and tell me about your character idea, and I will tell you background on the story.

Info received on 6 Mai 1999, from Chad <chorsley@ukans.edu>

Does anybody know of a LARP group in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. I will be moving up there soon, and was hoping someone might be abl to help me find a group there.
Thanks, Chad

Info received on 27 Apr 1999, from Medicine Man <CKRobin@prodigy.net>

I am looking for anyone in Pine Bluff, AR to play any RPG

Info received on 17 Apr 1999, from Linceul <Linceul@aol.com>

Je travaille sur un crossover WoD/Kult comme paru dans les 4 derniers Inphobia. Si vous avez des idées, ou des infos sur le monde de Kult, contactez moi.

I'm currently working on a cross over WoD/Kult (as in the 4 last Inphobia's issues). If you have any idea or inform

Info received on 11 Mar 1999, from Kieron Scott <Maelstrom@postmater.co.uk>

Is there anyone running a play-by-mail which I a join into? (I am unable to use the chatrooms) If there isn't, would anyone be interested in starting one? (I really do wanna play! It's been over a year since I was last at a session) Poor little me is stuck in the UK and I can't find any local players so I was looking for a possible E-mail game to join. Can anyone help?

Info received on 25 Feb 1999, from Laurent Surville <Ardeal_Ploiesti@hotmail.com>

Le regretté Prince de Caen, Constance, a été victime du Sabbat... Son infant, Florin, a pris la relève, sera-t-il à la hauteur? Nous le saurons en participant à la Mascarade de Caen qui commencera début Avril (normalement).

Pour toute info, contacter Benjamin Martin au 02-31-44-63-50.

Info received on 21 Feb 1999, from Paul <Skip76@excite.com>

I'm currently looking for players and/or DM with at least 3 players 18 and older. This is New Castle, Pa or Ellwood city, Pa. I want to play in a weekly game 3-5 players at least once a week. I would also like to know how I can submit a New Clan to Whitewolf.

Info received on 10 Feb 1999, from Gamemaster <gamemaster@spiraline.com>

I am currently looking for players for the City of Breandon. This game is played real time 24/7 on ichat servers. No waiting to refresh your screen or playing by mail. This is a members only private game. If you wish more information goto the following URL : WWW.SPIRALINE.COM/BRAENDON.

You will find any information that you want there.
the gamemaster

Info received on 24 Jan 1999, from Melissa Slauson <Melissa_Slauson@hotmail.com>

My name is Melissa Slauson. i am trying to start playing Vampire the Masquerade. I bought the players guide the second ed. it seemed to add to earlyer knowlege that i am lacking. i was wondering what book to buy that gives the basic information that i am lacking.

also i just moved to NC and i have no group. i was wondering if there were any places you knew of on the net or whatever that i could find others to play with me.


Info received on 24 Jan 1999, from ??? <dmich@microtec.net>

I am looking for player and/or gm to play vampire the masquerade in boucherville ( canada ) or on icq

#icq 13418255

Info received on 15 Jan 1999, from Dan Gill <Shittymcnasty@hotmail.com>

We are starting a larp in Delaware. Web site is Http://udel.edu/~symptom/vampire/vampire.html. Please drop in some time and ring.