1997 announcements

Info received on 12 Dec 1997, from Patrick Fortin <wabanki@hotmail.com>

New L.A.R.P. in the southwestern region of ontario.. Kitchener-Waterloo to be exact. The theme is Vampire Dark Ages. All players welcom. For exact location of the game please visit our web page.

Info received on 20 Nov 1997, from Josie Schlotzhauer <websters@gross.creighton.edu>

A small group of 17yr old girls in Omaha, NE are looking for a Live Action group to play Vampire with.

Info received on 25 Aug 1997, from Steve Collins <swcollin@mntr02.psf.lmco.com>

I am starting a new LARP called ShadowLands that is based on White Wolf's Vampire:The Masquerade. It will be held at the UMass, Amherst, Campus Center Basement. First game is Sept 5, 1997. heck-in is at 6pm.

Info received on 16 Jul 1997, from thompson <thompson@visinet.com>

                        PLAYERS WANTED!
     I am recently starting a LARP Vampire.  If there is any
one out there that would be interested in playing E-mail me at
thompson@visinet.com or call 757-766-8792.
          O Where Hampton, VA
          O When July 26, 1997
     There is no fee! All players welcomed! RSVP for
character specifics or show up for pregenerated chars.
                                        Sweet Prince,
                                           Sean Thompson

Info received on 16 Feb 1997, from Jenn Lyle <jennlyle@ix.netcom.com>

New Cam-sanctioned Chapter starting in Dallas area, and we're looking for some more players.

E-mail me with your e-mail address to pass on to the current Chapter Coordinator. Inquiries wolcome!

Info received on 5 Feb 1997, from Guido Beermann <dimoon@datab.de>

Interested to get in Contact with the


       Vampire LARP Chronicle

      Please leave me a message

      WEB-Page is coming soon..

Info received on 15 Jan 1997, from Myke <outlander@myna.com>

   the first ontario obivion game is
           up and running.
Chronicle: After the Storm
Location: .5 Claremont, Toronto The Catacombes under Sanctuary
Games: 2nd and 4th mondays every month 9pm-1am
Office hours: 1st and 3rd mondays upstairs 5pm-8:30pm
Story Tellers: Patriarch Mykie, Uncle NeNe, Viscount Mike
Contact: Myke (outlander@myna.com) or Mike at 416-947-9215
Fees: 5$ per session, membership FREE
Sponsored by: HAIRY TARANTULA games and comics