1996 announcements

Info received on 28 Dec 1996, from Alexis Rufelle <AlexisVamp@aol.com>

Live Action Role Playing in Tucson, Arizona! Yes, the cultural mecca of the southwest has it's very own Camarilla that meets once every weekend at various locations. It has been up and running for about three months now, with over twenty players involved, and we are always looking for new recruits. If you are interested, please email me at AlexisVamp@aol.com and I will gladly send you all the information you need. Until then, happy hunting.....

Info received on 22 Dec 1996, from Bryan Guerrero <Crucifix@rockpile.com>

I run a LARP out of northern New Jersey known as Dark City. we are the longest and oldest continuing chronicle in the state, and are allways seeking new players. we usually hold conclaves once a month. we have also recently started setting up our own page at http://www/tiac.net/users/konner. We would like to set up an announcement with you. If this is possible and meets all the criteria to your liking, let me know.

Thank you very much.

Info received on 13 Dec 1996, from Michael Malecki <nurain@labyrinth.net>

Morgantown by Night

If you live in Morgantown W.V. I am interested in playing a Vampire Larp here. If interested please give me an email. If you know of one going on in my area, please tell me. I play Tremere 6th gen.

Let us grow Hale and Strong Bretheren

Info received on 20 Nov 1996, from Scary Gary <scary@gothic-classifieds.com>

NIGHTCRAWLERS: The NGSN Gothic Classifieds is a networking and referral service for people into the gothic and industrial scene, vampyres, fetishes and the occult. We have free registries for gothic businesses, organizations, publications, events, radio-programming and new music as well as six free chat-rooms for the vampyrically-inclined. Call 1-800-320-3753 to open your own free voice-coffinbox classified. (U.S. phone access only) In addition we are now offering the ability to post your own classified online free for the next few weeks. (international access) If you are interested in this section however, you should take advantage of this free trial period as it will soon become a "members only section" with a small fee attached. When the "members only section" is fully constructed we will have many many free additional options which regular users of our registries and rooms will not have access to. To get more information, see our web site.

Thankyou for your interest,

Scary Gary
NIGHTCRAWLERS: The NGSN Gothic Classifieds
POB. 219044, Portland, Or. 97225-9044

Info received on 4 Apr 1996, from Lancelot Mallia <redspear@aol.com>

Greetings from the Coterie Of The Iron Orchid.
We are running a Live Action WOD Chronicle located in Kansas City Mo.
The first Saturday of each month. Call 816-455-5924 for details.

The event is held at the Ramada Inn I-35 and kicks off at 6:30pm parvin Rd.
Registration starts at 5:30pm

Info received on 23 Mar 1996, from Luc Hermitte <hermitte@depinfo.enseeiht.fr>

Aux alentours du premier Mai 1996, durant la journée, on devrait organiser sur l'ENSEEIHT à Toulouse, un mini tournoi de jeux de rôles. Wargames, jeux de plateaux et de cartes ne sont pas à exclure non plus.

Pour l'instant, au programme les jeux suivants devraient etre proposes :

Je n'ai en revanche aucune idée des jeux de plateaux possibles, bien que notre armoire soit bien garnie...

Les dates et les jeux sont à confirmer.

Il est possible de contacter mon club à l'adresse suivante :
XIII i-ème Heure
Rue Charles Camichel

Info received on 23 Mar 1996, from Tobias Willhauck <t7751ad@hpmail.lrz-muenchen.de>

Munich by night

We´re playing VtM LARP for half a year now.

All players welcome.

Contact t7751ad@hpmail.lrz-muenchen.de for more info.

Info received on 11 Mar 1996, from Stephen Daly/Donal Fallon <9502966U@Ucg.ie>

Galway by night, LARP in Galway, Ireland.

Started Saturday the 9th of March.

All welcome.

Standard freeform LARP, for Vampire the Masquerade.

Slight entry fee (One pound IRE).

Contact : Games People Play, Eyre Street, Galway (GPP@iol.ie) or us at above address.

Info received on 24 Feb 1996, from David Talbot

White lies LARP

We allow all type of players, (if its in a table-top book we allow it). We are currently playing at CAL State LA.

If you would like more infomation call Narrator DJ at (909)949-3806

Info received on 22 Feb 1996, from Mr Bless <newbyaa@sparcdii.derby.ac.uk>

This is just to let any one in the Derby District(England) that the vampire Live role playing people Known as V.L.A.D. are always looking for new members.('especially Ventrue' says the clan elder which is Myself.)

It is based on the minds eye system and is aimed at all levels of role playing. It may be expanding to include seperate groups of player characters to include Sabbat, werewolfs and mortals (mainly wich hunters)

For more Info mail me.

Info received on 22 Feb 1996 from Dominick <domLnLck@aol.com>

New Found Order L.A.R.P. NYC

Call for Kindred

We are a NYC based LARP, and have been running for over a year now. We are opening our doors to new players for the first time in many months. There is no cost to join, and we provide you with a free 50 page rules packet. New players are asked to design their own characters according to the rules found in the rules packet. The storyteller reserves the right of final say of the concept.

If you live in the New York City area and wish to play get in contact with me. For more information check out our web page.

Info received on 19 Feb 1996, from Nicholas Cachia

I am looking for Story Tellers in Queens, and looking for players as well. I live in Queens and I have not been able to find one Loacal Larp except for in the city. If there are others in the queens area who wish to start a few LOCAL Larps you can reach me at (718) 631 7494 between 7 am to 9 pm.

Info received on 9 Feb 1996, from Chris Thomas

I have been playing Vampire for a couple of months and I LOVE IT! I am looking for some people in the Sylvan Lake or Reeddeer, Alberta, Canada are a to start a new game with. If interested write me at Sylvan Lake General Delivery. Or phone at (403)-887-2670

Info received on 4 Feb 1996, from Lilith <soleclipse@earthlink.net>

I am going to be running a PBEM WoD game on the net and I'm looking for players.

E-mail me with a character concept.

-Lilith, queen of darkness

Info received on 15 Jan 1996, from Luceos, elder in Montpellier, France

The 12 th and the 13 th of April 1996, in Carcassonne (South of France), a national meeting in the Masquerade will be organized by the "Golconda-seeking" (ha ! ha ! ha !) Toreador Prince Benedict in the medieval part of the town.

In order to have further informations, contact the, and ask for Masquerade activity.