1995 announcements

Info received on 8 Dec 1995, from Christopher R. Redinger <redinger@usm.maine.edu>

One of your posts mentions a game named Haven. I am one of the Web Page developers (as well as a major player for Haven.) I would like to provide you with more information.

Haven is played in Gorham, Maine We play once a month, occaisonally thought it's only once every two months. We allow any idea from the White Wolf game or anything else else you want to try to integrate with WW. We have a membership of 80 people, with the average being between 55-60 that show up per game. Contact redinger@usm.maine.edu, or visit http://sahsun.acs.usm.maine.edu/Haven/ for more information.

Info received on 8 Dec 1995, from Johanna Mead <jmead@ix.netcom.com>

Diablo's Children, A Vampire LARP Troupe in the Contra Costa area of Northern California is always looking for more players!

Diablo's Children are a group of Anarchs desperately resisting invasion from all sides. The Garou have declared war, the San Francisco Camirilla covet the territory, Los Angeles wants to bring them back into line and The Sabbat have already attacked once. Who's side are you on?

We play about every six weeks, using a system of our own devising that is directily derived from the tabletop game of Vampire. Our group has been active since June '95, and we're growing steadily - between 25-35 per game.

The emphasis is on intense roleplaying and skullduggery in a safe environment and scaring the heck out of the neighbors (within reason)

For more information, e-mail jmead@ix.netcom.com, and you will receive an electronic info sheet, and our most recent newsletter.

The cold night awaits...

Info received on 8 Dec 1995, from Steve Greenberg <an806@po.cwru.edu>

Columbus By Night LARP

If there is anybody who lives in the Columbus, Ohio area we run a Mind's Eye Theater LARP every Wednesday Night in The Ohio Union on the Campus of the Ohio State University. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at an806@po.cwru.edu, or check out our homepage at http://uptown.turnpike.net/L/larp/index.html

Steve Greenberg

Info received on 27 Nov 1995, from Kaylan Lyndell <rstewart@uccs.edu>

Greetings! I've got another LARP for you :). It's an open game in Colorado Springs, and you can play just about anything. I'm the coordinator, so I can speak for the group when we say *we need more people* We meet on Thursdays at 7 pm. If you need more, just email me!

Info received on 20 Nov 1995, from Christophe Bachman <bachmann@cybera.anet.fr>

LARP announcement

I have the pride hereby to announce a Live Action Role Playing, loosely based on the World of Darkness (not using the Mind's Eye Theatre system) that will be held in Rennes, at the Maison de Quartier Villejean, during the opening of the comics festival from Saturday Feb 3' 14:00 to Sunday Feb 4' 08:07 (french legal time). It will host nearly all the people of the World of Darkness, following the first two editions held previously. It's theme will be Musics of the world" and it's title will be "The path of awakening III : Till the end of a very long night ."

For more informations contact Christophe at the (+33) 99 26 92 55 (answering machine) or e-mail to bachmann@cybera.anet.fr.

J'ai l'honneur de vous informer de la tenue a Rennes les 3 et 4 fevrier 1996 d'une animation grandeur nature basee sur le World of Darkness de la societe White Wolf. (Nous n'utiliserons pas le Systeme Mind's Eye Theatre). Cette animation sur le theme "Muzik du Monde", intitulee 'Le sentier de l'eveil III : Jusqu'au bout d'une tres longue nuit.' se tiendra durant l'ouverture du festival de bande dessinee de la Maison de Quartier Villejean. Il hebergera presque tous les peuples du Monde des Tenebres, et commencera le Samedi 3 Fevrier a 14:00 et se terminera le Dimanche 4 Fevrier a 08:07.

Pour plus d'informations contacter Christophe au (+33) 99 26 92 55 (repondeur) ou par courrier electronique a bachmann@cybera.anet.fr

Info received on 10 Nov 1995, from Metalasaur <metalasaur@aol.com>

I have a huge vampire clan in Los Angeles, we play masquerade with about 75 members. I also make prosthetic vampire fangs complete with retainer piece out of dental acrylic. Let me know if you are interested in any of this.

LORD OF THE FANGS metalasaur@aol.com

Info received on 21 Oct 1995, from Jason Conner <jwplace@cbvcp.com>

I would like to announce a Gaming Convention in the Tri-Cities Area in Washington State.

The Camarilla here will be hosting a Sanctioned LARP Game on the 16 - 18 of February, 1996 in Richland or Pasco WA. As more information becomes available, I will let everyone know. A lot of the Wizzards Of The Coast come here.

Come and enjoy a great game. 3 days of fun, terror, and romance in the purists of Vampiric traditions!!!

For more information:
Tri-Cities Camarilla
2527 W. Kennewick Ave.
Suite #353
Kennewick, WA 99336-3163
E-mail: jwplace@cbvcp.com

Our Storyteller is Dan Hahn.
E-mail: regade@aol.com

Info received on 17 Oct 1995, from Chris McCarty <s023cmm@desire.wright.edu>

Live near Dayton Ohio? Every Sunday evening the remenants of the Camerilla tries to re-estabolis it's power amidst an anarch rebellion...

Where: Wright State student Union
What: V:tM LARP - Mind's Eye Theatre
Who to Contact: Chris
E-Mail: s023cmm@desire.wright.edu

Info received on 11 Oct 1995, from JUSTICAR DE`ATH <danielli@asgo.net>

550 queen st w.
The Savage Garden Nightclub
Toronto Canada.
proudly presents twice monthly Vampire The Masquerade.

We have been running the live game for 18 months now and are holding our grandest in game ball yet. October 29th. In honour of the appointment of a new archon to the Toreador Justicar. For more info on this one off event or the regular game events e-mail me at danielli@asgo.net or phone paul at Toronto 416 504 2178

Info received on 6 and 8 Oct 1995, from Christophe Bachmann <bachmann@b612.anet.fr>

Announce of a WoD LARP in Rennes, France

Il y aura une animation basée sur le WoD à Rennes courant février, pendant le festival de la BD de Villejean.

La réunion de mise en place aura lieu le 9 Novembre et fixera les renseignements complémentaires.

Info received on 29 Sep 1995, from Derek Colanduno <duno@kedg.com>


I am the Domain Storyteller for The Camarilla in Las Vegas. We run a game here in town called The Contagion. We meet 3 times a month at Asgaard Games, and my phone number is (702)-792-6163.


Info received on 21 Sep 1995, from Daniel Froberg <dfr@mail.rgf.ruecker.de>

A little note announcing our Fantasy-based LARP from 11th to 14th of January 1996 on Castle Hohnstein, Dresden, Germany.

The event is called "Slaves To Darkness 2" and one can get more information by sending me some email containing contactaddress or email-address. Hopefully we´ll be able to provide more information about our role-playing-scene here in internet.

Info received on 20 Sep 1995, from Mark Wright <User577112@AOL.com>

Black Rose Productions, Inc. will be running a weekend long LARP at ROC of AGES con, May 10-12 in Charlotte,NC. For more info, contact us...

Info received on 14 Sep 1995, from Jeff O'Connor <joconnor@netusa1.net>

To anyone interested, here in Kokomo I have started a chronicle. It is called Death or Deliverence and features Vampires, Werewolves and Mages. If you want to play or have any suggestions please E-mail me or call me.
(317) 628-3833

Jeff O'Connor (Kokomo Storyteller)

Info received on 8 Sep 1995, from Allistair MacReuder <MLS2215@tam2000.tamu.edu>

Camarilla(tm) sponsored VLARP based out of College Station TX. We are the Regional HQ, so notify us if you would like to join.
We can also get you contact information for the closest Camarills(tm) group to you. Word to the wise. We're home to the Toreador Justicar, so be on your best behavior!!

The Camarilla is a national organization which allows characters to not only combine to form larger chapters, but allows characters to be used in cities away from home.

Info received on 4 Sep 1995, from Peter Tyson <ccc_hsb1@hsblab.auckland.ac.nz>
See 14 Jun 95 info from Peter Tyson.


Unfortunately I am at the moment unable to e-mail anyone the Ascension rules that we have developed due to publishers requests. But, within the next couple of months that situation may change.

So e-mail me if you are interested and I will attempt to get the best Mage Larp rules I have yet seen to you before the end of the year:).

Peter Tyson: ccc_hsb1@hsblab.auckland.ac.nz

Info received on 23 Aug 1995, from Stephen Laddusaw AKA "Donavan Kriel" <Sladdusaw@student.Longview.cc.mo.us>

I am interested in correspondance with fellow players who are into doing vampire Artwork. I would also like correspondence with poets, and writers, or just people who like to talk about gaming.

Info received on 19 Aug 1995, from Andrew S Raffery

Sunderland University Live Roleplaying Society
Vampire : Interactive

Prince Duncan: Dead
Prince Magnus: missing, presumed dead
The Seneschal: Loathe to rule the city

The Ventrue: At the throats of the Tremere
The Tremere: Ready to wage all out war
The Nosferatu: Fighting a shadowy battle against an unseen mastermind
The Gangrel: Battling to control their sould
The Brujah: Very confused
The Malks: Quiet. Perhaps too quiet
The Toreador: Suffering a crisis of faith
The Samedi: Up to no good
The Giovanni: Taking over the world with the power of money

The Anarchs: Divided, defeated
The Methuselahs: Watching. And waiting ...

Vampire: Interactive, a home-grown system running at Sunderland University, Sunderland, about to enter its second year. Strictly amateur, come and try, not the best in the world but getting there. Uses the basic setting from World of Darkness, and a system that cannibalises The Masquerade but also incorporates LARP conventions such as weapons. Runs monthyl, costs a quid toward operating fees, props and the like. Part of the Live Roleplay society.

If you're interested, information can be found at Sunderland University. We don't have an E-mail address yet, but we're working on it. We'd also like to hear from any other Interactive groups, especially British ones, just to exchange ideas and the like. Contact us at Sunderland University, Sunderland. The address is in the phone book. Or something.

Info received on 18 Aug 1995, from Timothy <tabalcer@quads.uchicago.edu>

There is a game at present based in Maine called 'Haven.' Several individuals from WW attended and said it was extremely good, if not one of the best they had attended. It incorporates Virtually every class in WoD, and more including rules for mages. VERY fantastic!

Interested parties should e-mail me with their home phone and/or a valid postal address so that we may contact them in RL. Feel free to use a box number if you are concerned about security!


Info received on 13 Aug 1995, from Michael Wilson <mwilson@icis.on.ca>


For all those who would take the next step, Prince Don Juan bids welcome to any and all kindred in the London ON area.

We have a LARP Vampire running, which takes in the area of London and surrounding counties, including Oxford,Middlesex, and Huron.We have been active for approximately 2 months, and currently have approximately 25-30 kindred in our game. "Beware the Lupines, and don't trust those magicican types..."

Any one interested can contact me at my e-mail address.

Info received on 9 Aug 1995, from Patrick Toussaint <triad@wizard.com>

We at Triad Productions present, on a once a month basis, a LARP based on both Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Appocalypse.

We have been producing this story line since October of 1994 and are growing rapidly. The storyline is developing with an interesting twist or two, and the players could always use help.

For more information on what has been happening in our Las Vegas you can either send e-mail to triad@wizard.com or see our web page at http://www.wizard.com/~patrick/triad.html.

Info received on 1 Aug 1995, from Pat 'wu' Moss <pmoss@planetx.com>

The Taste of Amish Blood...

The Lanacaster Area LARP Association invites you to join us in our monthly "all night long" and on going LARP sessions. The game is setting in the center of Dutch Country Pennsylvania, where the Sabbat and Camarilla have fought to a stalemate. The Garou have grown powerful and are in contention for control of the city in addition to the farm lands they already control.

Further information can be found on our web page. Please note that due to the game venues (bars and nightclubs) all players must be 21 years of age or older.

Info received on 29 Jul 1995, from Gary van Lingen <gvanlin1@mach1.wlu.ca>

Waterloo Region LARP

For those interested individuals there has been a LARP in regular play in Waterloo Region and we are looking for more players. We have roughly 50 on our lists now with about 40 regularly showing up. We are taking players from the whole Region (including Cambridge) as well as from Guelph, Brantford and Stratford. For more information you can contact me, as Head Storyteller, at the listed address or else phone at (519) 888-9834.

Info received on 25 Jul 1995, from Sacha <bino_felix@mindlink.bc.ca>


We are two Masqueraders whose brood has disintegrated around them. We seek fellow players with which to continue our adventures, either a brood already in existance or people with which to begin anew. ain the event of the latter, a storyteller would also be needed. It is promised that we will add a twist to any story.

May the creatures of the night abound....

Kiah and Sacha
e-mail: bino_felix@mindlink.bc.ca

Info received on 14 Jul 1995, from Jake Holub <corpse@masquerade.com>

Exquisite Corpse Vampire: The Masquerade

Live-action Roleplaying in Dark San Francisco

Join us...

We are starting a Minds Eye Theater Vampire Game and Are looking for Intrested and Intresting Players

For Information call (415) 863-6738 or email corpse@masquerade.com


Info received on 6 Jul 1995, from Edward Tennant <eviled@io.com>


Yes, I would like to ask you to add a blurb about the LARP that will occur on November the 4th in Fayetteville, Ar The game will take place at Razorbattles, and the official homepage for both Razorbattles and the LARP are at: http://www.io.com/user/eviled.

The Links are obvious, and we hope to have them completely finished in a week or so.

Peace be to you, Evil Ed

Info received on 14 Jun 1995, from Peter Tyson <nzot@iconz.co.nz>
This info is obsolete. See 4 Sep 95 info from Peter Tyson.

Ascension: Live Role Playing

Yes, we have done it. Complete rules have now been produced

If you live in Auckland, New Zealand, or are just interested, then mail me and i will help as best I can.

We have been trying to find decent rules for a couple of months, and these are definately the best, most acurate to the game and the most fluid.

Info received on 13 Jun 1995, from Travis Theune <travis@vlsi.gsfc.nasa.gov>

There is a LARP going on in Towson MD. We have recently started, and are looking for more recruits. We run every other saturday, and are in need if every clan but Gangrel and Toreador. VERY experienced players only.

You can contact me by email or can call the game master (Vinnie).

email- travis@vlsi.gsfc.nasa.gov
vinnie- 410-296-6729

Info received on 10 Jun 1995, from Cerbax <Cerbax@Primenet.com>

Skirmishes 95
Civic Centre Hotel
424 Minnesota Ave.
Kansas City, KS 66101
Dates July 28,29,30

contact person
John Duda
812 N.E. 100th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64155

Besides the normal role playing and sci-fi games, there will be a Masquerade live, sponsered by Skirmishes and The Kansas City Role Playing Guild. If any one wishing info on this convention please e-mail me at Cerbax@Primenet.com

Info received on 4 Jun 1995, from Brenna O'Brien <Shay@vulcanl.inlink.com>

St. Louis by Night is forming a live action Vampire game, hopefully to be part of the Camarilla. If not the game will run in theatre style, using all materal available from 'The Mind's Eye Theatre' <tm>. The game is afoot already, still seeking members that would like to play. If you're interested drop an email to Shay@vulcan.inlink.com

Info received on 24 May 1995, from Robert Dennis aka Samual Satori <RWDLBC@nuls.law.nwu.edu>

I am the publishing editor for Chicago Knights, Inc. We are a Chicago based company that has been running a VtM game in Chicago.

If people are interested in gaming in the Chicago area they may call our voice mail at (312)LUV-VAMP [312-588-8267] for informantion dealing with Chicago Requiem our VtM chronicle.

Info received on 22 May 1995, from Foucault the Forlorn <egeorgi@mtabe.k12.uvm.edu>

Greetings, fellow Kindred...

I keep reading the posts for any sign of a VtM Chronicle somewhere near New England. I haven't seen one.

So I thought I post my own. Anyone interested in the Chronicle CULTURE OF BLOOD, who lives in the area or Burlington-Middlebury Vermont, can email me if you'd like to be part of the COB. Serious inquiries only, thanks.

--'--,<@ Clan Toreador

Info received on 22 May 1995, from Seth Master <mortis@inferno.com>

I am running a LARP in the Mountain View, California area. If anyone is interestied in playing a power game that takes place in the Anarch Free States; You are all welcome to come and play with us every Saturday Night at 6pm on Castro Avenue in Mountain View. Please email me at mortis@inferno.com or page at 408-308-6675 if you are in the area of 408 and 415.

Come prepared to be feared and frightened yourself, be ready to build a Jyhad with your fellow kinship and licks. Be ready to feel the anger of a frenzy and to be scared for your life(unlife) as the Warlord calls a blood-hunt on you.

Just be prepared for the night of your life.

Info received on 8 May 1995, from Shawn Moore <smoore@polaris.net>

For folks in the Tallahasse, Florida area I will be starting a Live Action Vampire game on May 13th at F.S.U. This game will run through August every Saturday night in the second floor Union lobby. The first session will be character creation beginning at 7:00 p.m. but I would prefer if you contacted me before that to make your character. You can e-mail me at smoore@polaris.net.

Info received on 5 May 1995, from Michael Stander <MLS2215@TAMU.edu>

The Academie Vampirica is recruiting for an ongoing chronicle in the College Station/Brazos Valley region. All chronicles are held on the campus of Texas A&M. Contact the Academie Vampirica at the Memorial Student Center.

Info received on 27 Apr 1995, from Michael Shannon <RShannon@pjc.cc.fl.us>

I am starting a Mind's Eye game in Pensacola Florida. E-mail me at RShannon@pjc.cc.fl.us or call me if your in Pensacola. The Game will be at the Star Wars Collectibles Shop. First Game: Friday April the 28th, Sunset to Midnight

Info received on 20 Apr 1995, from Stan Park <spark@sun1.iusb.indiana.edu>

I am starting a V:tM Chronicle based in South Bend, Indiana. If you live in this area and are interested, drop me an e-mail. Also I am looking for character sheets to download. If I could get them in text form, not pkzip, or any other binary system.

Info received on 11 Apr 1995, from Bill Hyatt <nhyatt@holli.com>

There are two chronicle's for Vampire:The Masquerade in the Midwest area that are now interlocking. One in Chicago (Chicago Nights) and one in Lafayette, Indiana (home of Purdue University). These two LARPs are ongoing, and characters from one can travel and participate in the other. If in the area and interested call (312) LUV-VAMP for more information.

The Chicago game is held on a regular basis every other Saturday. The Lafayette game is a little more spastic, but usually held every three weeks.

Info received on 16 Mar 1995, from Shaun <BE3_038@civl.Port.ac.uk>

Greetings. The next Mind's Eye Theatre event in Porstmouth will be either 29th April or the week after. Anyone is welcome, but please let us know you are interested ASAP, so we can give you more details. We need to have _confirmations_ of who is coming from out of town at least a week before the event, so we need initial queries by the end of the first week of April.

Since I'll be unable to answer email for a while during april, best to write to
George Allison
32 Stanley Road

Info received on 22 Feb 1995, from Nick Baker & Animal <jonas.rembratt@mailbox.swipnet.se>

Anarchs of Europe, here ye all

Scandinavia is reopened after 444 years as banned territory. Anarchs from all over europe, supported by Nick Baker and "the black door" is taking control of southern Sweden, making of it a free state. Our main concern is the sabbat precense and a few Camarilla wimps. Relations towards the Camarilla is temporarily peacful but our hand are raised ready to bring the curtain down.

So we call upon all anarchs to unite in the struggle for freedom. The time to strike is here.

For info regarding this vampire live, contact: Animal at jonas.rembratt@mailbox.swipnet.se or Nick Baker/Black Door at nick.baker@inferno.ct.se

Info received on 30 Jan 1995, from Stitch <ceesdh@caledonia.hw.ac.uk>

The Vampire Live Roleplaying Game.

Daughter of Twilight (D.O.T.) is a live action game, based upon `Vampire the Masquerade'. It has growing contacts world wide. Should you wish to view the rules etc. then you can find the basics at the D.O.T. home-page. The full rules, and referee notes etc. are also available on request.

Should you have any questions etc. then you may contact the organisers of the game at the following email addresses:

STITCH - ceesdh@caledonia.hw.ac.uk (Main Co-ordination)
ADAM - A.R.Hart@bradford.ac.uk (North East & Midland UK)

Info received on 18 Jan 1995, from Shaun <BE3_038@CIVL.Port.ac.uk>

Just to let you and your readers know that my message dated '94 is still current. The game is going strong, and I'll be damed if I let the Ventrue win the current power struggle. We need more recruits, especially Brujah!

Info received on 18 Jan 1995, from Matthew Burke <dorian@wizards.com>

Revamping The Game
Announcing A New Title For A Vampire Game

Renton, Wash. (January 16, 1995) Wizards of the Coast, Inc. is pleased to announce it is renaming its Jyhad(TM) Deckmaster(TM) game. The company has signed a contract with White Wolf, Inc. to change the game's title to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle(TM). The unlimited version of the card game, in which players are vampires fighting in an ancient war, will debut under the new title in the Summer of 1995.

"A lot of people see Jyhad in stores, but they don't know what it is," says Matt Burke, Project Coordinator for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. As a result, Wizards of the Coast® and White Wolf concentrated on creating a new name for Jyhad, a game based on White Wolf's storytelling game Vampire: the Masquerade(TM). "Vampires are a hot topic in films, comics, and novels right now," says Burke, "and they have been for quite a while. Just look at the moviesThe Lost Boys (TM), Bram Stoker's Dracula(TM), and, most recently, Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire(TM)."

Besides changing Jyhad's name, Wizards of the Coast is also making adjustments to the game's rules. "We've rewritten and simplified the instructions, as well as adding new rules to cut down on playing time," says Burke. The rules changes will appear in instructions that accompany each starter deck and also in a new pocket players' guide, Darkness Unveiled(TM). The guide will be released in August 1995. Despite the changes, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle rules will be 100% playable with Jyhad cards. The game will also keep the green marble look and the Jyhad symbol.

Players who can't wait until Summer to see the game's new look will have a chance to see more in Spring. That's when Vampire: The Eternal Struggle retail and promotional posters arrive in stores. Renown vampire artist John Bolton will do the work featured in the poster. A Vampire: The Eternal Struggle expansion set is scheduled to be released in late Summer 1995.

Wizards of the Coast is a young game company based in the Seattle, Washington area. The company created a worldwide sensation when it released its trading card game, Magic: The Gathering(TM), in August 1993. Since then, more than 500 million Magic cards have sold around the globe. The game has received a number of high honors, including a "Mensa Top Five Mind Games" trophygames from all categories are considered for this award. In April 1994, Wizards of the Coast opened a second branch in Glasgow, Scotland. Several months later, the company expanded into a third office in Antwerp, Belgium.

(Magic: The Gathering(TM), Jyhad(TM), Deckmaster(TM) and Darkness Unveiled(TM) are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Vampire: The Masquerade(TM) is a trademark of White Wolf, Inc.(TM). Vampire: The Eternal Struggle(TM) is a joint trademark of Wizards of the Coast and White Wolf. The Lost Boys(TM) and Interview With The Vampire(TM) are trademarks of Warner Brothers. Bram Stoker's Dracula(TM) is a trademark of Zoetrope Productions).

Info posted on rec.games.trading-cards.announce on 2 Feb 1995, from Kathy Ice <liaison@wizards.com>

In my post of a few days ago about Jyhad's upcoming name change, I said that the card backs would be changed to read Vampire: The Eternal Struggle instead of Jyhad. As it turns out, this is incorrect.

The V:TES team has decided that only the Vampire card backs will change. The green library cards will continue to say "Jyhad," and will therefore be indistiguishable from cards being sold now.

This is a compromise between people who felt that the card backs should be changed, and people who felt that the change would be too disruptive. Since it is a compromise, I expect that no one will be completely happy with it, but I hope that most players will find it a reasonable solution.

Thanks for your continued patience.

Kathy Ice
Cyberspace Liaison
Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Info received on 4 Jan 1995, from Mike Young <buggy@magnet.com>

There will be a Vampire Live Roleplaying game in March, run at Intercon 10 in Ocean City, Maryland USA. It is called "City of Light," and is set in Paris.

For more information, contact Suzanne Miller at