1994 announcements

Info received on 30 Nov 1994, from Tabbos <dollta@wkuvx1.wku.edu>

The last weekend in Feb. of 95 there will be a con in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. The dates for that are the 24,25,26 for anyone intrested. Vampire will be one of the games there but if you travel you should find somewhere in the area to hide from the sun now because rooms are going quick. The setting will be New Orleans by night, and as I am not sure of the cost I won't include the info. here. I will write back to let you know.

Info received on 29 Nov 1994, from Shaun <BE3_038@CIVL.Port.ac.uk>

Vampire live role-play.

A new fief has been created. The kindred of Portsmouth greet their fellows accross the world. An understanding between the opposed Tremere of Winchester, and the Ventrue of London, has allowed the Portsmouth fief to stand as a neutral ground, awaiting the appointment of a prince. All kindred are welcome.

What this means in real terms is that a group of live role-players and vampire players have got together with a copy of the Minds ey theatre 2nd edition vampire rules, and hacked out a second and a half edition rule set that seems to work pretty well. After some more playtesting, it is likely that this system will be adopted by the camarilla (Vamp.LRP based in London) and the similar groups in birmingham and oxford. Hence we should have a wide player base, all of whom are using the same rules.

If you want to find out more - and to receive our 2 1/2 edtion ammendments (you will need both 1st and second edition rules to make full sense of them), and to hook your vampire live group up with our london-portsmouth-birmingham-oxford linkup, then contact me at BE3_038@CIVL.Port.ac.uk giving me a return email or postal address, and I will be in touch asap.

Shaun Lewis - AKA Davy Howard, Brujah intellectual

Info posted on alt.games.whitewolf on 24 Nov 1994, from Niall Sweby <nss@st-andrews.ac.uk>

Announcing the return of the GREAT NORTHERN CON. To be held on the 25/26 February 1995 it will include an all-night vampire game. However we are using pre-generated characters so places are limited. To find out more about the CON look at rec.games.frp.misc/announce or rec.games.miniatures or contact me at nss@st-andrews.ac.uk OR 1 Alexandra Court St Andrews Fife Scotland ky16.

Niall Sweby, President of Warsoc.

Info received on 22 Nov 1994, from Anthony Cozzi <cozzi@ix.netcom.com>

I am running a game for all that can get to GEnie information systems. This is an online game run based on White Wolf rules. All are welcome.